Nature spills her secrets to us.

But only on the days we sleep next to film equipment that cost more than our houses. Only on the mornings (does 4am count as morning?) that we follow fresh tracks into the 20-million-acre wildlife wonderland known as the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. (When it’s not known as home.) Only after we’ve learned—for the four-hundredth time—not to rustle. Or stand upwind. Or breathe. Or do anything more than slowly, imperceptibly lift a lens and let a wild drama unfold before us.

Back at the VisionHawk nest, we weave those dramas into stories. Real ones, the kind that let wildlife be wildlife, in all its messy, relatable, mind-bending, hypnotizing forms.

Then, we spill nature’s secrets to the world.


Photos by: Filson, © 2017 C.C. Filson Co

Photos by: Filson, © 2017 C.C. Filson Co

Photos by: Filson, © 2017 C.C. Filson Co

Photos by: Filson, © 2017 C.C. Filson Co

Photos by: Filson, © 2017 C.C. Filson Co


VisionHawk upholds impeccable production standards, driving them both to mastery and to investing in and utilizing the latest filmmaking technologies. Check out our cutting edge, rare filming technology available for rent here.


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Casey Anderson

Creative Director / Executive Producer

  • Award winning presenter and Executive Producer with Nat Geo Wilds – America the Wild and Expedition Wild. Both shows won the parents choice awards for educational and informative content.
  • Former backcountry guide, grizzly sanctuary founder, and wildlife park curator.
  • Explored the world seeking wildlife. Always manages to find it at home in Paradise Valley.

Deny Staggs

Chief Executive Officer / Executive Producer

  • Producer, editor, director, and Former film professor & film commissioner. Basically, film’s got him for life.
  • Launched the $1MM Big Sky Film Grant. Because award-wining Montana movies gotta get made, first.
  • NYC, LA, Sundance, Cannes. Favorite film community? Still Montana.

John Ansotegui


  • Upon successfully becoming a failed actor in Los Angeles by 2003, John moved back to his home turf of Montana to continue working in film. He quickly found work at the Montana Film Office as the location and project coordinator.
  • After assisting on hundreds of films, commercials, and tv shows later, he left the comfortable bosom of state employment in 2011 to go freelance as a location scout and manager.
  • Finally he has become well versed in producing, shooting, and editing content.

Ben Goertzen

Field Technician

  • Born in Bozeman Montana, Ben’s affinity for wild lands and wildlife was not by mistake.
  • Pursued a lifestyle of documenting adventure in the outdoors from the first time his best friend said, “Let’s make a tramp edit”.
  • After traveling globally as a professional skier in search of deep snow and compelling stories, Ben has now aligned his passion for filmmaking with his deep appreciation for everything wild.



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