Casey Anderson

(Livingston, MT – September 23, 2015) Naturalist, explorer and TV host Casey Anderson is poised to take viewers on new wild adventures with the launch of VisionHawk.

The new Montana-based film production company focuses on elevating wildlife-based programming to the next level, immersing audiences in dynamic blue chip experiences through the power of authentic, cinematic, and science-inspired storytelling.  Embodying the candor, honesty and warmth of Anderson himself, VisionHawk strives to bring fascinating real-life stories to the screen in unparalleled, fresh, and intelligent ways. VisionHawk specializes in Ultra HD 6K technology, including the cutting-edge SHOTOVER F1 gimbal stabilization system that is redefining the industry by allowing filmmakers unprecedented access to the lives of even the shyest wild animals from the air, land and sea.

Tracking wild cougars, dodging rattlesnakes, and relaxing with grizzly bears – Anderson doesn’t lead a typical life.  And now he’s invited us all along for the ride in hopes of inspiring respect for and deepening our understanding of the natural world.  Best known for his uncanny ability to track down the world’s most elusive wild animals, Anderson has over 20 years of experience in wildlife filmmaking.  Most notable is his work as an executive producer for National Geographic and as the host of Expedition Wild and American the Wild with Casey Anderson, currently airing in syndication on ABC, the CW, and Hulu.

Anderson said he started VisionHawk because, “We want to change the way the world sees the wild.  It’s time to give wildlife filmmaking a makeover.  VisionHawk brings together a rock star team of experienced professionals with the very best in today’s technology to give audiences and executives what they’re looking for: dynamic, untold stories filmed in a jaw-dropping cinematic style.  Capturing natural history as you’d see it in a Hollywood feature film, these will not be your Grandpa’s documentaries.  They’ll be compelling visual journeys into the unknown, designed to draw in new viewers and inspire the next generation to care for the natural world.  Our VisionHawk team brings an innovative, artistic spirit to the table and I’m excited to see where it leads.”

The company’s first project is a five-part series commissioned for Curiosity Stream, John Hendrick’s revolutionary on-demand streaming service.  In a statement, Anderson said that, “VisionHawk is committed to evolving with how audiences consume media and we want to stay ahead of the game.   Television networks and digital outlets alike are always hungry for new content with an intriguing twist that gives them a big bang for their buck.  So we’re constantly working to bring fresh approaches and sophisticated stories with never-before-seen visuals to the natural history market.”

He also said, “I am thrilled to share VisionHawk and it’s incredible assets with our industry friends and associates.  With this new venture I am determined to enrich our existing alliances and forge new relationships in the business.  This whole experience has been hugely rewarding and I can’t wait to announce more partnerships in the near future.  At the end of the day, content is king.  And we’ve assembled a team that specializes in hunting down extraordinary content for breakfast.”

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